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Traction Alopecia – Hair Loss on the Edges

Traction alopecia results from repeated tension or pulling on hair follicles. It commonly occurs in those who frequently wear tight hairstyles like braids or weaves. Other sources of tension, such as hair extensions or hats, can also contribute.

Symptoms vary but often include scalp thinning, bald spots, itchiness, soreness, and potentially scarring.

Treatment for Traction Alopecia

Treatment involves stopping the behavior causing hair loss, such as avoiding tight hairstyles or removing extensions. Hair may regrow naturally once tension is relieved, but in severe cases, topical or oral medications or hair transplant surgery may be necessary.

Seeking professional medical advice is crucial for early intervention and successful treatment.

For patients with certain ethnic backgrounds and hair textures, consulting a skilled hair transplant surgeon, like Dr. Katona, is essential. He specializes in customized hair loss solutions for African American patients and those of African ancestry, utilizing techniques tailored to their unique needs for natural-looking results.

If you’re experiencing hair loss and seek expert advice tailored to your hair type, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation.

It can be particularly beneficial for patients of certain ethnic backgrounds and hair textures to seek out a skilled hair transplant surgeon who is well-versed in addressing the entire range of hair loss patterns, transplant obstacles, and hair reconstruction objectives in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Dr. Katona possesses a deep understanding of the various techniques necessary to create top-quality hair transplants for all hair varieties. His specific area of expertise lies in customized hair loss solutions for African American patients and patients of African ancestry. To achieve successful hair transplantation for those with this hair type, a comprehensive understanding of the unique hair loss matters they may be experiencing is critical, as well as the transplantation techniques that are most conducive to creating a natural and stylish appearance.

If you’re experiencing hair loss and want to consult with a hair restoration expert who is knowledgeable about hair transplants specifically tailored to African American patients and patients of African descent, we encourage you to contact us to book a consultation.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The procedure involves transplanting hair follicles from a donor area (typically the back of the head) to the recipient area. Results may vary based on the individual’s hair type and surgeon’s experience with African American hair. It is important to find a reputable and experienced hair transplant surgeon to ensure a successful outcome.

Dr. Katona performs only FUE hair transplant which extracts individual follicles and has minimal scarring.

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