Facial Hair Transplants

Facial hair transplant surgery entails harvesting hair from specific body areas, usually the back or sides of the head, and implanting it onto the face to enhance the beard, mustache, and eyebrows. This procedure can also address patchy or uneven facial hair growth. Typically, it employs the FUE technique, extracting individual hair follicles and implanting them into desired facial areas. Facial hair transplants are gaining popularity, particularly among men struggling to achieve natural, thick beards.

Beard Restoration

A beard hair transplant, also known as a facial hair transplant, is a cosmetic procedure that involves taking hair from one part of the body (usually the scalp) and transplanting it to the beard area to create a fuller, thicker beard.

FUE Hair Transplant candidate

Brow Restoration

 You often don’t realize the full impact that eyebrows can make on the total facial appearance until you see a person without them.  Eyebrow transplantation can successfully correct the loss or thinning of eyebrows with natural growing hair and appearance.

African American Hair Transplant candidate

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