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Celebrity Hair Transplant Location with Dr Katona

Hair restoration is often a very private enhancement to one’s appearance. It can have a huge impact on the public perception of a person. Hair communicates health, vitality and youth. It is the frame of our face and like a beautiful painting the frame is an important component.

Celebrities and sports figures are always conscious of their appearance and how it communicates to their peers, industry and fan base. Many celebrities do not want their cosmetic efforts public so they can continue to be perceived as naturally handsome and full of vitality.


Dr. Art Katona is very aware of the needs of his celebrity hair transplant clientele for privacy and a high level of concierge service.

Dr. Katona has performed hair transplant surgery for over 20 years and is well known for amazingly natural hair restoration for celebrities and sports figures.

For those wondering who has had a hair transplant, the guessing is not easy because the results are so undetectable. Just some of the rumored celebrities include movies stars like Matthew Mcconaughey, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Kostner and John Cyer. Other famous individuals rumored to have restored their hair include Elon Musk, Kelsey Grammar and Jamie Foxx. Of course President Biden, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Hugh Downs famously had the procedure years earlier. All before today’s breakthrough technology with tiny FUE grafts have made the surgery virtually undetectable.

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