Celebrity Hair Transplants

Here’s the good news, hair transplant results today are virtually undetectable.

Thanks to breakthroughs in follicular unit hair transplantation, tiny hair grafts containing 1-4 hairs are transplanted into the balding area and inserted into literally pin incisions. Usually within 7-10 days after this minimally invasive surgery it is almost impossible to tell that anything was ever done to your scalp. The next breakthrough was harvesting the grafts via follicular unit extraction or incision, known as FUE hair transplant.

With FUE a tiny, less than 1mm circular scalpel excises the hair follicles on the sides and the back of the scalp where there is healthy hair. These incisions are so small that they also become virtually invisible after a short period of time. The healing with this procedure is so good that many patients could shave their head with no visible scarring.

Of course, the goal is not to have to shave your head and many celebrities from movies, politics, music and sports have had FUE hair restoration and you would never know their hair had be restored Some celebrities have acknowledge having the procedure including Billionaire Elon Musk, Comedians Dennis Miller and Tom Arnold, Soccer Star Wayne Rooney, Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton and even President Joe Biden (although his was decades ago).

In the 1970’s as hair transplants first became popular Celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop and Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire had the procedure performed when larger hair plugs were the only option.

Today with the results appearing so natural and undetectable celebrities often either never acknowledge doing the procedure or outright deny having it done.

Many of the celebrities that are rumored to have had hair transplantation include Actors Mel Gibson, Bradley Cooper, Jeremey Piven, Jamie Foxx, Matthew McConaughey, Kevin Costner, Kelsey Grammer and Michael Keaton. Although in each case there are a multitude of before photos of these celebrities with hair loss, they have not to our knowledge come out publicly to acknowledge their hair restoration, and why should they? Their hair is and looks natural which is the beauty of hair restoration today.

Over the years Dr. Art Katona has been know as the hair surgeon to the stars with many famous Sports and Broadcasting clients. Dr. Katona’s artistry and meticulous detail has produced some of the greatest heads of hair that you never knew where hair transplants.

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Published On: November 9, 2022

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