I had been wearing a hair system or wig for nearly 6 years when I finally plucked up the courage to go and see three clinics for hair transplant surgery quotations. My system was being glued every 6 weeks at a tremendous expense. I approached 3 different clinics and spoke to them in depth about the techniques available and after three consultations I selected Dr. Katona. My choice to select him was his in-depth consultation, attention to detail and full explanation as to expectations. He has performed over 10000 hair transplant procedures to date and no other UK surgeon could boast these kind of credentials. In November 2012 I had my procedure at Dr. Katona’s office. I liked the fact that Dr. Katona kept in contact with me nearly every day after the procedure. I am in the public eye so wanted reassurance as I did not want my fellow peers to know I had had this done. Dr. Katona and his team have done an outstanding job. His team is at a level that you would only get in American clinics and under his guidance there will be very many happy patients, proving amazing surgery can be done in the UK and this service isn’t just available in America. My friends tell me I look 15 years younger. Thank you doc from the bottom of my sink – as it doesn’t get blocked anymore.

-Will R.