Male Hair Transplant Before & AfterDr. A. Katona performed my hair transplant surgery a few years ago and no one except my wife, Dr. Katona and their staff even knows I had it done. To me that says it all. I was smart enough to have the procedure before I looked like a guy who was losing his hair, but I was. I had my hairline filled in, my temples built up(l never had a nice temple hairline) and some grafts to fill in what was soon to be the thinning areas along the sides on the top front of my head. I am pleased with the results to say the least! Dr. Katona, is kind, humble and very skillful. His steady hand, caring mannerism and years of cosmetic surgical expertise are why I am pleased I chose him. I feel, younger, confident and the two best things about it are that it is my own hair and no one knows!
-Jim C.
Aventura, FL