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Dr. Katona’s 5 Star Reviews!

I had my hair restoration done by the Katona team a few weeks ago. I can report that the experience has been a very good one. Pretty much everything they told me regarding what would happen during as well as the recovery portion was pretty spot on. The procedure was very straight forward and there was no pain at all during the procedure. The next day I took a couple of aspirin for a light headache I had, but that was about it. The doctor and his assistant were the best and seemed to take care about my situation very much. My hair still has a long way to go before it grows back in but I can see the outline of where all the hairs will be. Excited for the final result!

– James Tenbaum

I am impressed with Dr. Katona’s work. I was his patient about four years ago and my transplanted hairs are still there. Having the transplant done completely raised my confidence level even till today. I still look younger and good looking to this day. If you are looking for a reliable physician for getting your hair back, Dr. Katona is the one for you. My experience with this procedure was a piece of cake. Recover took some time, but nothing too long and it was well worth it. Every time I look in the mirror I am happy and being able to run my fingers through my hair makes me feel so rejuvenated. I am very thankful for what everyone at Katona has done for me, my wife especially.

– Aaron Higgins

Dr. Katona was very professional and pleasant. He explained the procedure thoroughly and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I am confident that the outcome of the procedure will satisfy my expectations. As for the staff, they were outstanding. The whole team made what would have been a long day very enjoyable. Coming to Katona was a tough decision for me. I did me research and was questionable at first, but after meeting with them initially, I knew I picked the right place. Losing my hair was tough, I lost my confidence in myself and stopped going out. I am now able to look forward to having that spark in life again and most importantly, not be self-conscience of my head.

– Alison Newton

I had my 3000 K FUE from Dr. Katona back in 10/2017. And Dr. Katona and his staff did an amazing job and were extremely nice. If you’re going bald and you want people to look at your eyes rather your receding hairline then go with Dr. Katona.

– Taehun U.

I had been wearing a hair system or wig for nearly 6 years when I finally plucked up the courage to go and see three clinics for hair transplant surgery quotations. My system was being glued every 6 weeks at a tremendous expense. I approached 3 different clinics and spoke to them in depth about the techniques available and after three consultations I selected Dr. Katona. My choice to select him was his in-depth consultation, attention to detail and full explanation as to expectations. He has performed over 10000 hair transplant procedures to date and no other UK surgeon could boast these kind of credentials. In November 2012 I had my procedure at Dr. Katona’s office. I liked the fact that Dr. Katona kept in contact with me nearly every day after the procedure. I am in the public eye so wanted reassurance as I did not want my fellow peers to know I had had this done. Dr. Katona and his team have done an outstanding job. His team is at a level that you would only get in American clinics and under his guidance there will be very many happy patients, proving amazing surgery can be done in the UK and this service isn’t just available in America. My friends tell me I look 15 years younger. Thank you doc from the bottom of my sink – as it doesn’t get blocked anymore.

-Will R.

I was determined to pass this e-mail to you, Dr. Katona, as I feel compelled to say thank you. My journey over the last year has been one of ups and downs. It has been 11 months since my surgery. You have continued to answer all my questions and although I have been a little bit of a moaner, I am now so happy I can’t email the words. Without any shadow of a doubt, you and your team have exceeded all of my expectations. My hairline, as well as my confidence, are back to where they used to be. My wife Maureen wishes to express her thanks and gratitude, and she will be having her eyebrows done with you in November 2013.

-Robert H.

Dr. Katona, and the entire medical staff went above and beyond to make sure that I was informed, comfortable and pain free. I Just wanted to let the world know how happy I am with my newly grown head of hair – oh yes, and also how happy I am with Dr. Katona. After watching my hair go right down the drain (literally) I chose to do something about it. I found Dr. Katona through a friend who had a procedure done a fee years bag. All I can say is WOW. Life changing procedure, and it was so easy. No pain or discomfort and Dr. Katona made me feel super comfortable and at ease. I was in and out in less than one day – this was easier than a dentist visit. For anyone who is balding and wants to cry every day when they see their hairline diminish, I definitely recommend you take control and do something about it like I did.
– Jeff P.

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