Hair Transplant Patient Reviews

Dr. Katona’s 5 Star Reviews!

The decision was simple after consulting with Dr. Katona as i made the decision to get the procedure in mid 2017. He is one of the most genuine, kind hearted, patient, and class act you can ever ask for from a doctor. Dr. Katona he is the only doctor I would get this procedure done by. He is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, crafted, and treats everyone as a family no matter if you are a client or an athlete. Make the transition to a head full of hair now before it is too late. You will not regret the decision when you look back on it.
– Tony L.

Dr. Katona and his staff have been nothing but professional, I can’t recommend them highly enough… (and, “no”, they’re not paying me for this review… dammit!). – Alan M.

I got my procedure done about 2 1/2 years ago and had severe balding and now I walk around with more confidence, and my hair looks better than it ever has. The procedure took about 7-8 hours and they allow you to watch Netflix, use your phone and more during it. They provide snacks, drinks and lunch of your choice as well. It amazed me most how you walk in early in the morning and walk out later that same day and THAT IS IT. I only took about 3-4 days off of work for recovery time but it isn’t painful at all. Watching your hair grow over 3-10 months is truly incredible.
– Josh K.

Dr. Katona made me feel welcome and was extremely nice and showed a lot of care for my well being while there. Hasn’t been long since my procedure of 3500 grafts. It was a 2 day procedure. I was very happy with the whole process and service. Thanks so much guys. You are great.
– Kay G.

Great Dr, Great Team and Great Results. Definitely Recommend!
– Enzo Guagliardo

Anyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant done I have 2 bits of advice.
     1) Do it and do not wait.
     2) Before you decide on a doctor make sure you meet Dr. Art Katona.
In my opinion he’s by far and away the best in the business. Changed my life.
– Drew Lang

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